EPISODE 15: The OOPS before the storm

May 26, 2017

TAKEOVER CHICAGO.  BACKLASH.  EVOLVE in Detroit.  Local Smackdown house shows.  NXT and 205!  Hell...Mr. Bean went to Detroit Comic Con!


All this buildup, and we hit a technical SNAFU.  Following the open, which is sadly Gris free, we have a full conversation about the packed week we had...into the back up mic!  I'll try to look at the presence of the back up as a glass half full...

Initially coming out of the theme song, things sound very dicey, but it SEEMS to clear up some.  Many apologies for the low quality.  We had actually taken several points of advice to improve little things throughout the podcast, but they're swallowed up by the poor audio.  We'll try REALLY, REALLY hard not to let it happen again! 


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